Winner of the 2020 "Best in Hair Extensions" by YHair Magazine, multi-award-winning Alluring Hair Extensions Atlanta specializes in Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions, Micro Link Hair Extensions, Keratin Bond Hair Extensions, and Hand Tied Hair Extensions.  Since 1992, we have created, mastered, and branded our own techniques, by customizing our services specific to each client's individual needs and expectations with hair extensions. 


As your “hair extensions therapists”, we will thoroughly discuss with you what it is that you would like to achieve with hair extensions, so we can customize a service specific to your individual needs and expectations.  Are you looking to add only volume to your hair, or would you like to add length to your hair?  Do you work out frequently?  Do you prefer to pull your hair back, or perhaps have a profession that requires you to do so? Do you enjoy styling your hair on a daily basis, or do you prefer letting your hair air dry?  Does your scalp produce an excess amount of sebum (the natural oil we produce that nourishes our skin and hair)?  Do you have any hormonal problems or medical conditions, such as Hyperthyroidism, which may cause you to excessively sweat? Do you suffer from Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania, or any other hair thinning issues? After we have better understood who you are and what it is you are looking to achieve with hair extensions, we will then create a customized hair extensions service for you, based on the method(s) that will best suit who you are, if we are adding volume and/or adding length to your hair, your lifestyle, and your hair budget.

Alluring Hair Extensions Atlanta is an upscale and private space structurally designed to be conducive for visual anonymity and client privacy. Doing away with the “salon-norm”, each space is built with floor to ceiling separation walls providing clients privacy from others for an uninterrupted experience.


Each space was built to obstruct the surrounding sound, as each client has their own smart television with access to Roku apps such as HBO, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and ShowTime at no cost to the client. We provide free wi-fi and internet access tablets, as well as an array of complimentary beverages and snacks for your enjoyment.


As each appointment time can be very lengthy, we created a structural design with exactly that in mind. We’ve done away with the “salon-norm” type environment to offer you a one of a kind experience.

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